Antagonized to Protagonize

I had an interesting day yesterday to say the least. Rather than recap it again, you can read the gory details over at Towform.  Here I just wanted to quickly add something a little more on topic. I discovered an interesting collaborative writing site called Protagonize a few weeks ago.  It … Continue reading

Reviewed by Mrs. Giggles

Another review, this time courtesy of Mrs. Giggles. My two favorite excerpts: "Some of the first person narration is beautifully written, I find, which makes Timely Persuasion a book to read for the sake of reading as well for the story, if I am making any sense here. There are times when I … Continue reading

Commentary 6: 6ix

Back at the bowling alley in search of answers, our hero confronts the old man. This chapter is exposition heavy on early time travel nuts and bolts, and one I struggled with most in rewrites. The idea was to set a foundation that would have some parts hold true and other parts be called out as … Continue reading