Antagonized to Protagonize

I had an interesting day yesterday to say the least.

Rather than recap it again, you can read the gory details over at Towform.  Here I just wanted to quickly add something a little more on topic.

I discovered an interesting collaborative writing site called Protagonize a few weeks ago.  It allows authors to post chapters to stories that are then continued by other authors in a bit of a writing relay race.  Two flavors are available: a traditional chapter by chapter story, or a branching out “addventure” that allows for non-linear, choose your own adventure types of tales.  At the time I thought it was neat, but didn’t really have anything in mind to post there.

Long story short, yesterday’s events inspired me to start a story on Protagonize that you can take a look at here.  Feel free to contribute your own chapter if you so desire.  There’s definitely something there worth exploring, but since I’m supposed to be working on a new novel right now it didn’t quite fit in with my plans, thus becoming my first dip into the collaborative waters.


Read (or contribute to) “Wrong Number?” at

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