Enumerating the Top Time Travel Stories

Timely Persuasion was recently named third favorite time travel story on the Enumeration Podcast!

Enumeration - Time Travel Stories

It was an honor to be named here amongst several other great time travel tales. The three hosts came up with quite a set of stories altogether. Their complete lists are covered below – but check out the full episode for some cool discussion about each set of three:

Paul (novels):

1. Replay
2. Branch Point
3. Timely Persuasion

Honorable Mentions:

Time And Again, Time On My Hands, A Christmas Carol, The Man Who Folded Himself, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Island in the Sea of Time, The Trinity Paradox


1. Back to the Future Trilogy
2. Groundhog Day
3. The Langoliers

Honorable Mentions:

“A Sound of Thunder”, The Time Machine, Slaughterhouse-Five, Time Bandits, Star Trek (4, 7, 8, & 11), 12 Monkeys, Donnie Darko, The Terminator, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Primer, Star Trek The Next Generation: “All Good Things”, TMNT – Turtles in Time, Time Changer


1. Back to the Future
2. The End of Eternity
3. Chrono Trigger

Honorable Mentions:

The Lords of the Sands of Time, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Lots of excellent picks!

The only surprising omission in my mind would be Quantum Leap, though to be fair they did give have a passing “put right what once went wrong” reference during the podcast.

For me, the holy trinity of time travel will always be Replay, Back to the Future, and Quantum Leap in a three way tie for first. Breaking it out by category, my personal favorites would be:


1. Replay
2. Expiration Date
3. Up the Line


1. Back to the Future
2. Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes)
3. Primer


1. Quantum Leap
2. “The Constant” (Episode of Lost)
3. Journeyman

Honorable Mentions: (excluding works already referenced)

Books: 11/22/63, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Too Many Time MachinesMan in the Empty Suit

Movies: Deja Vu, Happy Accidents, Shuffle, Always Will, Source Code, Safety Not Guaranteed, About Time

TelevisionTru CallingVoyagers!Misfits (Season 1 Episode 4), “Back There” (Twilight Zone Episode)

Video Games: Back to the Future: The Game, Chronotron, The Silent Age, Day of the Tentacle, Mushroom Age, Braid

Fester & TP in the iBookstore

Do you like your rock and roll with a heaping helping of time travel on the side, or just a la carte?

Just in time for the big iPhone 5 launch, both “Fester” and Timely Persuasion are back on iTunes.

Fester” is there for the first time and keeps the free price; TP is back after a brief exclusivity period at Amazon for the bargain price of 99 cents.

Fire up iBooks and take either or both for a spin.  Hope you dig…


“Fester” – New Short Story

Fester by Jacob LaCivita

“Fester” available now as a free eBook from Smashwords

My new short story “Fester” is now available as a free eBook on Smashwords.


Been working on and off (mostly off) on a novel called Duty Calls for the last few years.  Inspired by a 6 week stint on jury duty, it’s mainly a tale set during the long idle times at the courthouse.  Hours and days spent hanging out with other jurors, exploring the building, telling stories, etc.  The book alternates between these “hanging out” scenes and “flashback” scenes of the jurors in their normal, non-jury duty lives.

“Fester” is one of these flashback chapters, and one that works pretty well as a standalone.

Along with being a preview of things to come, it’s also an ode to summer music festivals, and possibly my retirement from “2 dudes in a car” storytelling (though you can never say never…)


August and Everything After

Noticed yesterday that my Amazon KDP exclusivity period ends August 30th.  Since I got caught sleeping, you win!

The Kindle edition of Timely Persuasion is once again free on Amazon from 8/27-8/30.  Last chance (maybe…) to get the greatest rock and roll time travel novel of all time for the low low price of $0.

Timely Persuasion -Kindle eBook – FREE until August 30th 2012! 

That covers “August” in the title of this post, but what about the “everything after” part?

No, it’s not just a clever Counting Crows reference.

Yes, I hope to have something new in the relatively near future.  Nothing fully baked, but a preview of things to come.

Stay tuned…

First Anniversary, Four Years Later

Time flies.

Timely Persuasion was released the last time February 29th rolled around, so I suppose today’s the day to celebrate on the authentic intercalary date.

Sincere words of thanks and praise go out to everyone who bought/read/reviewed/referenced TP over the last 4 years.  Books are written to be read (sorry, Jeff Tweedy), and each of you helped make the whole process worthwhile.

Been a bit of a slacker on the blog while the world got in the way, but (hopefully) have some fun stuff planned for the near future.  Stay tuned…

Read an eBook Week 2011 – Free TP at Smashwords

It’s that time of year again.  Read an eBook Week (or as I like to call it, Bob Zonis appreciation week).

Same deal as last year.  Timely Persuasion is available for free via Smashwords.com if you use coupon code RE100 at checkout.  Works in a variety of formats including Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Sony Reader, etc.

Timely Persuasion @ Smashwords

(Offer good through 3/12/11.  Exact timing is based on the rules set by Smashwords, not me.)


Nick Hornby, Audrey Niffenegger & Me

I’d call it an early Xmas present, but this review from Goodreads was actually posted in June and I managed to miss it.

The Nick Hornby / Audrey Niffenegger comparison is quite flattering 🙂

If Nick Hornby wrote The Time Traveler's Wife, it would look a lot like this book.

I’ve always referred to Timely Persuasion as a rock and roll time travel novel, and this nails both sides of that coin. I wonder why I Write Like didn’t pick up on this…

Turns out the reviewer is a fellow author as well.  Check out her writing at Darusha.ca.

Thanks Darusha!  Glad you enjoyed.

Free TP eBooks for Read an eBook Week

Read an eBook Week 2010

eBook Evolution

In honor of the annual Read an eBook Week celebration I’m offering free copies of Timely Persuasion via Smashwords.com through 3/13/10.

Enter coupon code “RFREE” at checkout on the Smashwords site to pick up your copy in a variety of formats including Kindle, Sony Reader, Palm, etc.

Timely Persuasion @ Smashwords.com

If you do check it out, I’d love to hear your comments (good or bad) via a review, by email, or in the comments of this post.

(And since I’m letting Smashwords handle the promo this time, hopefully we’ll avoid the incident that occurred in my first foray into eBook week back in 2008.  Bob Zonis, this one’s for you…)


$14.50 – $1.45 = $13.05 in December

Lulu.com is running a holiday promotion.  Use coupon code HUMBUG at checkout to get 10% off your order on anything, including the Timely Persuasion paperback.  Valid through December 30th.

Not only do you get to go back in time, but you can also go back in price!

(Yup.  That was a terrible joke.  But I liked it…)

Bonus fun fact:  I didn’t make up the coupon code, but it’s interesting that it quotes Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, considered by some to be the first published time travel story in 1843.  This classic gets a minor nod in Chapter 9 of TP, one of many hat tips to other time travel tales.