New Novel: Local Boy Done Gone

Four leap years ago today I started this blog the same day my first novel Timely Persuasion was released.

Now that 2/29 has come around again, I’m proud to announce a sequel to Timely Persuasion titled Local Boy Done Gone. Picking up in 1969 at the point where folk rock superstar Local Boy goes back in time to undo his own fame, it’s a story of a young man being manipulated by time travelers and the impact it has on his life.

Minor characters from TP take center stage in a mostly standalone sequel that doesn’t require knowledge of the first book to understand and appreciate.

The usual chapter by chapter behind the scenes commentary is coming soon. In the meantime check out the ebook over at Amazon and read the official blurb as a teaser below.

The artist formerly known as Local Boy was the biggest folk rock sensation of the 1970s—until one day he wasn’t. His time traveling son made him a star, but later went back and undid it. Local Boy was once again mowing lawns, fame nothing but a passing daydream.

Now Local Boy has another shot at success when his future self travels back to teach him one song for the sake of the timeline. It’s an offer he can’t refuse—until another time traveler also arrives with an offer he can’t refuse. An offer that involves a number of musicians dying at the same young age of 27…

What should he do? Who can he trust? In a lose-lose situation, can anyone win one?


“Clever and funny and engaging. Easy to read with an intriguing premise.”

“The language is both extremely sophisticated as well as down to earth country-like.
It’s hard to explain, but it’s very good.”

“It’s actually a lot of funand I mean a lot of funto read the writing style.”

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