And we’re launched!

“Maybe I’ll write a book.”

1,697 days ago that was my reply to my friend Jon Mack after iNetNow folded and he asked what I was going to do. Famous first words I suppose…

Welcome to the official Timely Persuasion blog. Now that the book is finally for sale, I intend to use this blog for news, fun facts, q&a, and other book related anecdotes. It will probably be a mix of real-time events and flashbacks to how it all began (hmmm…sounds like a good idea for a TV show). I always intended to do a chapter by chapter commentary online before 6 weeks of jury duty got in the way, so this is probably a good place to serialize that as well.

For now I still have a few things to prep and need a day or so to let the smoke clear. In the meantime, why not order your copy or take a look at the free online version?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back to learn more.

We’ve only just begun…

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