Yoshimi Battles a Hazy Memory

Saw a stellar Flaming Lips concert this week, reminding me why Benji Hughes calls them the greatest show he ever saw.

They played Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots in its entirety, followed by a full second set with all of the usual delightful hjinx throughout. If memory serves this was my 5th Flaming Lips show but the first in over a decade. The fact that they exist at all (let alone are still doing their thing all these years later) makes me incredibly happy.

Anyways, the show inspired me to dig up a deleted scene from the “I Went With Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips” chapter in L Extreme, but when I re-read the commentary blog post I realized I already posted it then.

So check out some words on what makes the Lips so great up there, and some photos (Flaming GIFs?) to back it up below.

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