L Extreme: Chapter Commentary Index

L Extreme is a novel inspired by the album A Love Extreme by Benji Hughes. Follow the links below for a behind the scenes peek into my thought process song by song, chapter by chapter.


Origin Story, Part I
Novelization of an album? Anachronistic soundtrack? Influenced by space entities? You decide…

Origin Story, Part II
We don’t think you’ll figure out what it’s really all about.

Origin Story, Part III
A totally long space message. I wrote a letter to you, maybe I sent you five.

SIDE A: Happy Halloween

I Am You, You Are Me, We Are One
Love, Devotion, Surrender & Other Strangers

Tight Tee Shirt
Musings on roommates, dreams and relationships.

You Stood Me Up
A flashback and a red herring.

Neighbor Down The Hall
Paul Simon is awesome, but he isn’t loud.

Waiting For An Invitation
A watched pot never boils, and a waited for ‘vitation never ins.

Setting wrong what once went right, parody/tribute style.

Why Do These Parties Always End The Same Way?
A lot of talk you can’t remember the next day. Sometimes numbers are exchanged.

SIDE B: The Ballad of Heartman & Songstress

Where Do Old Lovers Go?
A flashback and a medley.

Do You Think They Would Tell You?
The start of a play by play.

All You’ve Got To Do Is Fall In Love
A rebus & a list—but that’s not all.

Even If
Pay no attention to the deviation from the album sequence.

Another dreammmmmmm type thing.

Girl In The Tower (Part I, Part II, Part III)
An epic, multi-part body of hands, feet, hearts—and karaoke!

SIDE C: Love Is Far Out

Vibe So Hot
‘Scuse me while I stand in a cape on your lawn.

So Well

The Mummy

Love Is A Razor

I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips


SIDE D: Another Extreme

Ladies on Parade



So Much Better

Love On A Budget


Baby, It’s Your Life!