Timely Persuasion: Chapter Commentary Index

Below are quick links to the chapter by chapter “author’s commentary” posts regarding the story, the inspiration, the writing process, and hints to a few easter eggs included in Timely Persuasion.

In which we learn what motivates our hero.

In which the seeds for adventure are planted, and the author primes the pump with some help from his past self.

Two Of Us
In which we join the narrator at his bowling league.

Gimme Three Steps
In which our hero tries to analyze what the heck just happened to him.

Four Hours In Washington
In which we set out to save Kurt Cobain, nearly encountering Bob Dylan en route.

Five Seconds To Hold You
In which we arrive at Kurt Cobain’s house just in time, but…

In which we stake out the bowling alley in search of answers.

Tram #7 To Heaven
In which we learn the occupational history of our hero and meet his parents.

Seven And A Half Cents
Special bonus commentary on a deleted chapter set at the 1946 World Series.

Eight Days A Week
In which we travel back in time to meet a girl, a dog, and a sister.

Drivin’ On 9
In which we kick off the primary mission with some self(ish)-interaction on 9/11.

10 A.M. Automatic
In which we meet Nelson and visit a strange hospital for the first time.

Won One
In which we chaperone our own date and debate moral bankruptcy.

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
In which we object at our sister’s wedding.

No, For The 13th Time
In which we play a game of Hearts. Badly.

Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
In which our hero befriends his youthful father and foolishly sets him up with a woman who is not his mother.

Prophet 15
In which the folk-rock legend known as Local Boy is born.

Christine Sixteen
In which we reap what we’ve sewn one year later.

Wounded Kite At :17
In which we return to present day and learn just how dangerous it is to travel in time.

18 And Life
In which we learn more about our new life and seal our fate with the cute little redheaded girl.

In which we revisit the mysterious hospital and learn how the author met his wife.

20ft Halo
In which we catch up with our friend the old man after a lengthy absence from the story.

Now We Are Twenty-One
In which we flashback to the future to learn the old man’s backstory.

22 Days
In which the hero confronts his nemesis.

23:59 End Of The World
In which adult Local Boy tries to save the day.

24 Hour Party People
In which we figure out some missing pieces to the time travel puzzle and hurtle towards resolution.

25 Minutes To Go
In which we find our hero back at the bowling alley with one shot at changing everything.

Across 26 Winters
In which we come to the end.

Prologue (Reprise)
In which we catch a vague and fleeting glimpse of rewritten history.

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