Commentary 25: 25 Minutes To Go

One last blink to set things right, and our hero finally learns enough to know what has to be done.  I sort of knew from the beginning that the story would more or less start and end at the bowling alley, and that comes to fruition here.

Other tidbits:

  • My wife’s favorite excerpt is the  “sea of red liquid” paragraph.
  • The first part of this chapter is occurring simultaneously with Local Boy’s blink in the previous chapter.  As soon as Local Boy makes his change, the timeline ripples around the narrator.  This serves to illustrate and confirm what the old man had described about the timeline just changing around a displaced time traveler who is protected from paradox.
  • Have you figured out the meaning of the lottery numbers yet?  I’ll post the answer in the comments…
  • The paragraph regarding the building blocks of time travel is spooky since the underlying time travel theory in the book really does serve to explain psychic ability, conscience, reflex, love at first sight, impulse purchases, schizophrenia, instinct, déjà  vu and alcohol induced blackouts when you think about it.
  • The tease here is that he’ll play the lottery and win, but that would be so cliche I couldn’t actually have him do it.
  • Yes, I know that Jack Daniel’s technically isn’t bourbon.
  • Turning the tables on the first meeting between the older and younger counterparts was fun.
  • There are 12 known musical references in this short chapter.

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