Reviewed by Mrs. Giggles

Another review, this time courtesy of Mrs. Giggles. My two favorite excerpts:

“Some of the first person narration is beautifully written, I find, which makes Timely Persuasion a book to read for the sake of reading as well for the story, if I am making any sense here. There are times when I wonder why I bother reading self-published efforts, and it is books like Timely Persuasion that remind me of the reason why.”


“There are many things that can go wrong in this story but the author manages to create a coherent story out of a premise that is very difficult to summarize in a review.”

The first quote is probably the best unsolicited compliment I’ve received from a non-acquaintance so far, and as such made my day and made the whole book worth writing. The second is interesting as it echoes the trouble I’ve had with the synopsis, which is why I’ve been tinkering with it on and off for the last week since the previous review. It’s just a hard book to boil down simply without giving too much away, even for the author.

Looking at some of her other reviews, Mrs. Giggles appears to be a bit of a tough critic. That makes me especially proud of the 86 out of 100 rating she gave me, as it seems pretty high on her scale.

Thanks Mrs. Giggles!

Mrs. Giggles Reviews Timely Persuasion

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