Musically Challenged…Again

The latest episode of Coverville features a Timely Persuasion themed musical quiz, similar to the one I did back in May. Check it out here:

Coverville 551: From morning until night, some atomic yellow roses for your (post) valentine

Musically Challenged starts at around the 34:40 mark.  My production values are painfully amateurish, but I was proud of my theme and song selection this time around.  The best part is hearing Brian and Tina guess what the songs have in common.

Thanks to both of them for playing along, and extra thanks to Brian for including it in the show.  Though I had never heard of him when I wrote the first draft, I’ve become a huge fan over the past few years and based on what I think I know about Mr. Ibbott from his podcast I can’t think of anyone more predisposed to enjoy Timely Persuasion.  I can’t wait for him to read it!

(Hope I didn’t just build it up so much that I jinxed it…)

PS:  Forgot to mention this in the actual quiz, but bonus points for anyone who can identify the background music that plays behind my intro and outro and how it ties into the same theme.

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