Chillin’ Like A Covervillain

Last night’s episode of the podcast Coverville included a Timely Persuasion themed musical trivia segment that I submitted. Check it out at the link below:

Coverville 465: My cover requests are like a button – I can’t stop pushing it.

My portion starts at the 41:04 mark (or go to the last bookmark if you download the AAC version). Special thanks to host Brian Ibbott for including both my segment as well as a link to the book on his site. Coverville has been my favorite podcast for a few years now, so hearing the book mentioned there was an extra special treat.

On a related note, I figured now was an appropriate time to tell this tale:

I’ve already talked about my out of the blue late night inspiration to name the chapters after songs with numbers in their titles. Less than a week after having this brainstorm, I heard a quiz with the exact same theme on the Music I-Quiz, a podcast by regular Coverville contributor Anna that I also enjoy. (Though she sadly stopped doing her show about a month ago…we miss you!)

Thought the fact that we were on the same wavelength and seemed to have the same idea at the exact same time was one of those funny, “great minds think alike” types of coincidences that was worth mentioning. Or maybe my future self heard her podcast and then passed it on to me in the past…

Music I-Quiz #49 – Counting the Beat

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