Shoppers’ Paradise

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart gave me a bit of inspiration.

Time Travel Mart

Time Travel Mart

The Problem:
Time travel is my favorite genre, but it’s almost always lumped together under the generic “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” category.  That means when I’m seeking out new time travel entertainment fixes I have to resort to either very precise Googling or wading through tales of aliens, spaceships, far future dystopias, dragons, elves, superheroes and other such things that I’m not as big a fan of.

The Solution:
One stop shopping, via a custom built Amazon aStore.  Allow me to introduce you to Local Boy’s Time Travel Emporium — my curated collection of time travel books, DVDs, and TV shows available on  It’s a work in progress, but hopefully it will help fill the sub-genre gap for those with similar tastes to myself.

In the words of Carter USM:

“The big shop is open and the world is wonderful!”

Local Boy’s Time Travel Emporium

Happy shopping…

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