Ramblings V

Been awhile since I posted…

  • Saw the 25th anniversary re-release of Back To The Future a few weeks ago.  Still holds up and still the best.  Noticed this time around that in many of the 1955 scenes George McFly has his shirt only tucked in on one side, which reminded me of Daniel Faraday from LOST.  Wonder if that was an intentional homage.
  • While on vacation in Hawaii recently we were absolutely blown away by Anjela Rose and her acoustic guitar covers at The Mediterranean Gourmet in Hanalei.  Opened with “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and then romped through great renditions of a number of our favorites including “Shelter” by Ray LaMontagne, “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by the Beatles, and “Home” by Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes.  I can’t find any of her music online except for a vague reference to a demo called “In The Mean Time,” but I’ll keep digging.
  • Got really excited when a term paper about Timely Persuasion popped up in my Google Alerts, but it turned out to be the title of a paper about the poem “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell.  Thought about paying for a paper on TP, but figured at $20 a page it was an odd experiment.  (At least for now…)

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