Amazon, et al.

Just a quick post to announce that Timely Persuasion is now available on,, and (Though only Amazon correctly capitalized the ‘C’ in my last name, earning them top billing in this blog post.)

Now that the ISBN is officially approved other websites should be just around the corner.  Brick & mortar stores should also be able to special order it by title or author under the ISBN of 9780615188829.

Special thanks to Bryan Davidson for his tweaks that helped get this final edition greenlit.

For any early adopters out there, the changes this time around were minor compared to the remastered edition.  A couple of typo fixes and a few more lyrical allusions that I couldn’t resist.  I’m pretty sure I’m done meddling — though I am working on a reformatted file to submit for an Amazon Kindle eBook edition, so you never know…

If anyone has a gift certificate burning a hole in their pocket, now you have something good to spend it on!

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