Yesterday the new “remastered” paperback edition of Timely Persuasion went live.  How do you remaster a book?  Read on…

The first version was a complete do it yourself project with the exception of the cover art that was graciously donated by José Roberto.  The text was laid out in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman.  It looked pretty good to me, but what did I know.

Right after my initial “the book is ready!” announcement, my old college roommate Bryan Davidson volunteered to punch it up with a more professional layout.  He lays out sports annuals for Maple Street Press and was very excited about utilizing his creative expertise on a novel.  I asked him why he didn’t offer months ago, then wholeheartedly let him go at it.

The result is pretty spectacular.  The story hasn’t changed, but with the use of new fonts and a few images the difference is night and day.  Here are a few samples (click for larger versions):

We had a lot of fun batting ideas back and forth, and both of us are quite proud of the finished product. My personal favorite enhancement was getting to use the “Wichita” font designed by Mike Doughty as Local Boy’s handwriting. Special thanks to font designer Chank Diesel for his permission.

In celebration of the new edition, the price of the paperback has been marked down a buck from $16 to $15. If you’ve been procrastinating buying the book, the wait has paid off.  You save money, get a slick new layout, plus a handful of new lyrical allusions by the musically minded narrator.  On the minus side, you lose out on mocking me for my 4 typos (2 omitted words, 1 missing punctuation mark, and a then/than usage problem.  Nobody’s perfect…)

Buy The Remastered Paperback for $15

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