Ramblings VIII

  • I mentioned before that I’ve only had 3 favorite albums in my lifetime. A three day stretch in April had me revisiting the whole Nirvana catalogue for the 20th Anniversary, the release of 6 new Benji Hughes songs, and the announcement of a new Mike Doughty album. Synergy is cool.
  • In that awesome Vulture article about Benji, it blows my mind that A Love Extreme album has barely sold 6,000 copies. But this part is so true:

Very few people have heard A Love Extreme, in other words, but some inordinate percentage of those who have adore it. If you go to Hughes’s concerts, you may find just a couple hundred ­people in the room, but they will be singing every word to every song.

  • No offense to the Devics, Shurman, Sake Bombs, or H is Orange – but The Record Company is easily the best live local band I’ve seen over my fifteen years in LA.
  • Somehow I never heard of the Time Traveling Robots in Space podcast until after it ended, but I love the time travel segments.

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