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While trying to convince Jon Mack to listen to A Love Extreme by Benji Hughes last week I mentioned that it had taken over my favorite album of all time slot.  He immediately pushed back that it was a little early for that bold of a claim, citing that Music by 311 was once a favorite that went by the wayside.  (For the record, Music may have been in my top 5 at some point years ago, but never #1.  #1 is sacred…)

The whole exchange got me thinking about that fabled top slot, eventually yielding the realization that only 3 albums have ever held this title:

Nevermind — 1992 – 2000

Skittish — 2000 – 2010

A Love Extreme – 2010 – ?

Seems to be a once in a decade event…

Keep in mind that this is different than “most listened” or “greatest ever recorded” — it’s a personal favorite at one moment in time, with the expectation that it will remain the defending champ until something you’ve never heard before comes along and dethrones it.

Random aside:  I’m not consciously trying to turn this into “A Blog of Benji Hughesuasion” — I just really dig this musician, as evidenced by all the posts and his claiming my current #1 slot from Doughty.  But typing “Hughesuasion” makes me kick myself for not thinking to use “Nelsuasion” as the secret word in Chapter 24 of TP.  Timely Nelsuasion anyone?

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