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Musically ChallengedLast weekend I was the guest contestant for the premiere episode of Coverville: Musically Challenged, the quiz show style spin-off to Brian Ibbott’s popular Coverville cover song podcast. We gave away copies of Timely Persuasion to lucky winners, did a brief interview, and then I was challenged with a special trivia category called “Everyday I Write the Book.”

Being a huge fan of Coverville (as well as a proud Citizen), it was both an honor and a thrill to be a part of this.  Despite a few nervous jitters I had a lot of fun.  Held my own on the question round too aside from a couple of brain freezes.  Let’s just say I’m more into time travel than vampires…

Listen to the show here:

Musically Challenged 001: Crackermic

Thanks to Brian for inviting me!

And one last note that didn’t make it into the interview:

Coverville gets a brief mention in Chapter 17 of Timely Persuasion as the working title of an album from the 1970s, which leads to an age old time travel causation puzzle.  Was the album named after the podcast, or was the podcast named after the album?


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