Huey Lewis & The Anachronisms

Stumbled onto a neat section of the Huey Lewis Wiki today that features a full “gigography” of every show he’s ever done.

However, this also led me to the entry for 1986.  Which means that this…

Walking over to retrieve the golf ball, I stopped when I saw the signature on it.  Huey Lewis.  I’ve had this ball since 1986, the year of my first concert.  After a year of constantly playing the Back to the Future soundtrack, my uncle took me and my sister to see Huey Lewis and the News.

…is inaccurate since Huey didn’t play much in 1986, and didn’t play anywhere near the east coast of the USA.

When writing that scene and during rewrites I searched high and low for an actual concert date to base it on but kept coming up empty.  I’m guessing I found reference to one of the Texas shows and assumed he was on a full tour at the time.  At least I take some solace in the fact that this Gigography has only existed since October of 2007.

Still wish I had caught it though, as I like grounding the story in reality to contrast the time travel surrounding it.  Perhaps I’ll just blame it on an unreliable narrator…

(I’ve updated the Chapter 3 Commentary to reflect this.)

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