You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a sucker for any and all time travel stories.  Some might say I’m fascinated to the point of obsession, with those two magic words in the “genre” field giving me goosebumps and setting off impulse purchases.

For the last few months I’ve been enjoying “The Trickshot,” an online, illustrated, serialized time travel tale of epic proportions.  New “episodes” come out every Friday, with 10 eps making up a chapter and 10 chapters planned for 100 installments in all.

20 episodes have been published so far and the story is really starting to find a groove — as well as a knack for surprise cliffhangers at the close of each chapter.

The author is a friendly fellow who I’ve never met but have interacted with a little bit via email, his blog, and his forum associated with the project.  He has a nice little Trickshot online empire going between all of the above plus some other neat things including a wiki; something I’m jealous of and might someday get around to for Timely Persuasion.

In anycase, I was somewhat shocked to see in a forum post that he was considering giving up on Trickshot due to lack of interest.  Fans jumped in urging him to keep going and it seems that he will, but I figured giving him a small and genuine plug wouldn’t hurt.

So if you like time travel tales and enjoyed Timely Persuasion, check out the existing 20 parts of The Trickshot below:

Chapter 1: Project:Flashback

Chapter 2: Wet Behind the Ears

(And if you’re a Trickshot fan who stumbled onto this post based on the topic, you’ll probably enjoy Timely Persuasion.)

PS:  I don’t think the title of Chapter 2 is at all related to the lyric from the Guns ‘N Roses song covered by Local Boy in TP, but it still makes me smile…

PPS: The cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 2 seems to be leading into a similar theme/setting/time that occurs in TP.  Time will tell…

PPPS:  Without giving too much away, I’d also like to thank the author for taking away my general bias against time travel to the “far past.”  You’ll figure out what I mean soon enough, and you’ll probably dig it.

(Ok, I’m really done now.)

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