Ramblings VII

Another long absence from blogging means it’s time to invoke the ghosts of Pearl Jam Xmas singles past for some random thoughts:

  • Found this Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about the Back to the Future trilogy told through the eyes of the DeLorean Time Machine. Plan is to have it debut in time for the 30th anniversary in 2015. Sign me up! Check it out and pledge here.
  • Speaking of pledges, Mike Doughty is re-imagining a bunch of Soul Coughing songs in an effort to purge the darkness associated with his old band. Though it did spark some fan controversy across social network land, the PledgeMusic campaign blew away its goal and the early previews of the in-progress songs are intriguingly good. I’m excited for the finished product and tentatively reserving a slot on my album of the year list (right behind those rumored three albums from Benji Hughes…). Check it out and pledge here.
  • Continuing my loose segues through these bullets, my “at the half” candidates for album of the year would be We The Common by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Fade by Yo La Tengo, the all request all-covers set Wilco did at Solid Sound, and Charge by David Ford.
  • Made a good 4000+ words worth of progress on the forthcoming Duty Calls novel on a recent vacation. It’s slowly coming together, but still likely at least a year out. (Let’s say if I finish it before the aforementioned 30th anniversary of BTTF I’ll be happy.) I do plan on dropping another one of the stories as a standalone eBook like I did with “Fester” at some point, so stay tuned…

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