eBook Price Unification

After realizing that my eBook prices were starting to be all over the map, I decided to do something about it.  Now all eBook editions of Timely Persuasion share the same $1.99 price tag.

(My future self tells me this is a great deal.  He also says thank you for buying one and he’s glad you liked it.)

Check them out in your preferred eReader format below:

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Smashwords (Sony, Palm, ePub, RTF, etc.)

*Note that due to eBook formatting variations, only the PDF includes Mike Doughty’s handwriting.

And for those who prefer good old fashioned paper for $15 (+/-):


Last but not least…

There’s still the free online edition at reader.timelypersuasion.com.

Please enjoy!

Game Show

Musically ChallengedLast weekend I was the guest contestant for the premiere episode of Coverville: Musically Challenged, the quiz show style spin-off to Brian Ibbott’s popular Coverville cover song podcast.   We gave away copies of Timely Persuasion to lucky winners, did a brief interview, and then I was challenged with a special trivia category called “Everyday I Write the Book.”

Being a huge fan of Coverville (as well as a proud Citizen), it was both an honor and a thrill to be a part of this.  Despite a few nervous jitters I had a lot of fun.  Held my own on the question round too aside from a couple of brain freezes.  Let’s just say I’m more into time travel than vampires…

Listen to the show here:

Musically Challenged 001: Crackermic

Thanks to Brian for inviting me!

And one last note that didn’t make it into the interview:

Coverville gets a brief mention in Chapter 17 of Timely Persuasion as the working title of an album from the 1970s, which leads to an age old time travel causation puzzle.  Was the album named after the podcast, or was the podcast named after the album?


Technical Difficulties

Seems my first try at posting the Quantum Leap fanfic story ran into a little bit of a technical snafu.  iWeb was converting the text to an image, and the image was so large that some browsers were choking on it.  I did some tweaking and now it should be showing up in good old fashioned HTML text.  Check it out here:

“Just Like Starting Over”
a Quantum Leap story for LEAP BACK 2009

by Jacob LaCivita

(This might also be the straw that drives me away from iWeb and over to Sandvox for a website redo — something I’ve been considering for awhile.  Stay tuned…)


Timely Persuasion is now available on the Amazon Kindle for the low price of $1.99.  (I figure if you shelled out $359 for a Kindle you like to read and deserve cheap content.)

Don’t have a Kindle?  Kindle books can also be read on the iPhone & iPod Touch.

No new bonus lyrical references this time around, though I am kicking myself for not quoting “I never did like it all that much and one day the axe just fell” when the narrator refers to his recent layoff from a dead-end job in Chapter 1.

Even if you already own the paperback it’s still worth checking out to show off to your friends while out and about.  There’s a slick image of the LBDG 8 Track in Chapter 18.  Plus it might help me justify the way too many hours I spent on Kindle specific formatting.  (Props to KreelanWarrior.com for the helpful post on adding a cover image and table of contents.)

And since I don’t like watching anybody make the same mistakes I made, here’s a little tip:  Images resized using the “Preview” application in Mac OS X 10.5 won’t render at all on a Kindle for some reason.  You need to reopen and re-save the file using a different image editing program (I eventually used Seashore) for it to work.  Only took me 3 days to figure that out…

The Tweet Back

To date, I haven’t exactly been the model Twitter user.  I have it set to automatically send tweets whenever this blog or LB-DG.com are updated (via twitterfeed), but aside from that I’ve rarely touched it.

But that’s going to change this weekend.

As my Twitter trial by fire, I’m going to post periodic thoughts and updates from The Leap Back Quantum Leap convention today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

You can follow me at twitter.com/LBDG.

Stay tuned…

One Year Later

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the release of Timely Persuasion.  (Technically it was released on February 29th, so this pseudo anniversary date will have to do until 2012.)  Crazy how time flies.

Some stats from year one:

  • 24,414 Pageviews from 110 countries
  • 4,116 readers of the online edition
  • 75 blog posts
  • 29 online mentions
  • 5 reviews (4 positive, 1 in progress with a promised update)
  • 2 appearances on Coverville
  • 1 live reading in Hollywood

And a (roughly) chronological list of highlights:

  • LB-DG.com predated the official release as a teaser, with sporadic posts using the narrator’s voice starting in May of 2007.  (Plus one time travel jaunt a little further back…)
  • A Blog of Timely Persuasion debuted on launch day and has turned into a bit of a novel in its own right.  I’m most proud of the chapter by chapter commentaries and the series about the novel Replay by Ken Grimwood.
  • TP earned its first review in April courtesy of Devon Kappa at None May Say, followed just over a week later with a review by Mrs. Giggles.
  • The first TP related Musically Challenged segment on Coverville aired one day after my birthday in May.  A second appearance came a couple of weeks ago in episode 551.  It’s both weird and fun to hear myself unexpectedly on my favorite podcast.
  • June brought us the “Remastered” edition thanks to the generous talents of my college friend Bryan.  He did me proud with a fine looking layout that featured (among other tweaks) Mike Doughty’s handwriting.  I’m still amazed at the difference it makes when you look at the original and the new versions side by side.
  • July had a minor snafu with a printed copy leading to a temporarily shunned reader, but it all worked out in the end and sparked an ongoing conversation with Scott Schnaars.  Scott’s a great guy who heard about the book on Coverville, eventually wrote his own review, and really confirmed why doing this blog and interacting with readers is so worthwhile and fulfilling.
  • The only (partial) negative review thus far came in October and also sparked some healthy author reader interaction in the comments section.  I value all opinions and take them seriously, though I am still waiting for Gavin to give the rest of the book a try to see if it sways his feelings any…
  • November found me confessing to my well-intentioned cybersquatting adventure, catching the attention of cross-media expert Christy Dena.
  • The new year found me reading from TP aloud at the Hotel Cafe with Conrad Romo’s Tongue & Groove.  The fact that I’d been attending the event for years as a spectator plus the knowledge that some of my favorite musicians had stood on the same stage put me oddly at ease during my first public reading.
  • And finally we’ve arrived in the present, where wider distribution finds Timely Persuasion available from numerous fine online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powells in addition to Lulu where it got started.  Plus there’s still the free online edition that I hope to keep up in perpetuity.  So if you still haven’t read it yet, you’re running out of excuses. 🙂

I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of events and acquaintances out, so please don’t be offended if you aren’t listed in the above.  (But feel free to remind me to drop your name next time…)

My thanks goes out to everyone who bought, read, reviewed, emailed or otherwise got in touch with me at some point during the last year in regards to Timely Persuasion.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have, and I invite you to stick around for more musical and/or time travel fun both here on the blog and in my future writing endeavors.



JL Initials

PS: Guess who I just recently realized I have the same initials as?

Musically Challenged…Again

The latest episode of Coverville features a Timely Persuasion themed musical quiz, similar to the one I did back in May. Check it out here:

Coverville 551: From morning until night, some atomic yellow roses for your (post) valentine

Musically Challenged starts at around the 34:40 mark.  My production values are painfully amateurish, but I was proud of my theme and song selection this time around.  The best part is hearing Brian and Tina guess what the songs have in common.

Thanks to both of them for playing along, and extra thanks to Brian for including it in the show.  Though I had never heard of him when I wrote the first draft, I’ve become a huge fan over the past few years and based on what I think I know about Mr. Ibbott from his podcast I can’t think of anyone more predisposed to enjoy Timely Persuasion.  I can’t wait for him to read it!

(Hope I didn’t just build it up so much that I jinxed it…)

PS:  Forgot to mention this in the actual quiz, but bonus points for anyone who can identify the background music that plays behind my intro and outro and how it ties into the same theme.

Amazon, et al.

Just a quick post to announce that Timely Persuasion is now available on Amazon.com, Powells.com, and BarnesAndNoble.com. (Though only Amazon correctly capitalized the ‘C’ in my last name, earning them top billing in this blog post.)

Now that the ISBN is officially approved other websites should be just around the corner.  Brick & mortar stores should also be able to special order it by title or author under the ISBN of 9780615188829.

Special thanks to Bryan Davidson for his tweaks that helped get this final edition greenlit.

For any early adopters out there, the changes this time around were minor compared to the remastered edition.  A couple of typo fixes and a few more lyrical allusions that I couldn’t resist.  I’m pretty sure I’m done meddling — though I am working on a reformatted file to submit for an Amazon Kindle eBook edition, so you never know…

If anyone has a gift certificate burning a hole in their pocket, now you have something good to spend it on!

Reading in LA

I’ll be reading from Timely Persuasion on Sunday, January 11 at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood as part of Tongue & Groove.  T&G is a monthly series featuring authors and musicians that I’ve been attending for a few years now, so it will be interesting to experience it from the stage rather than the crowd.

Tongue & Groove at the Hotel Cafe

Tongue & Groove at the Hotel Cafe

If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!

Recent Praise

My favorite part about having Timely Persuasion out in the world is reading various reactions to it.  A few weeks ago we talked about a negative review in a post that spawned a good dialogue with the reviewer in the comments.  Now it’s time for the other side of the coin.

Below are some excerpts from positive reviews by recent readers:

Timely Persuasion is filled with amazing musical references.  The main character is an ex-writer for a musical magazine and regularly speaks in lyrics, at one point causing his father to say ‘Don’t blasphemy’ when he quotes Simon and Garfunkel.” – Scott on ScottSchnaars.com

“The idea of covering songs that had not even been written yet, was always something that I thought I’d do if I could go back in time. I would write all the hits.” – Darren on Lulu.com

“When I was told about the book, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it because of the whole time travel concept…I couldn’t put it down once I started!” – Shannon on Lulu.com

“I found myself hooked. I was quickly flipping through the book especially toward the end: the pace is quick enough and the situation intriguing enough that you get sucked into that “what’s going to happen?” question, which is the hallmark of a good read.” – Bryan on Lulu.com

“I’m not one for sci fi books but the musicology and focus on the interpersonal relationships of the protagonist had me intrigued.” – Anonymous on Lulu.com

“I really enjoy books that convey an intelligence where it is clear the author isn’t trying to be intelligent. It is just natural with the writing. I also enjoy that aspect even more when an author can be intelligent but within the same novel not be afraid to attempt wit and a humor that is, how do I say this, like buddies chatting in a bar.” – Brad on Lulu.com

A running list of links to all reviews – good, bad, average or unique – appears on the right hand side of this blog.