Smashwords, eBooks, iBooks manages the eBook distribution of Timely Persuasion to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel.  They handle the format conversion and distribution, which is huge.  I probably could handle the conversions myself, but it’s so time consuming it wouldn’t be worth it.  (I did my own formatting for the Amazon Kindle edition, and though educational it’s not something I’d want to do again multiple times.)

I really like the straightforward, no-nonsense approach Smashwords takes to everything they do.  The site goes above and beyond to make sure everything in the process is well explained, and the occasional update emails from founder Mark Coker are heavy on facts and devoid of marketing hype.  It makes his informative messages “must read” when they pop up rather than the typical “What do they want to sell me now?” spam that most companies utilize.

A great example of this style can be found in the following presentation:

While we’re on the topic of Smashwords, it feels like an appropriate time to share my favorite guerrilla awareness technique that they helped facilitate by putting me in the Apple iBookstore.

Whenever I’m near an Apple Store, I use one of the display iPads or iPhones and launch the iBooks app.  Then I use the button in the upper right hand corner to visit the store and download the free sample of Timely Persuasion.  Now when anyone else plays with that same demo devices there’s a chance they’ll see TP.

Of course I know they aren’t going to read the whole thing in the store and even having them remember it is a long shot, but every little bit of awareness helps.  And when you have an army of fans, friends, and family doing the same thing, over time it can add up.

(And if you’re a fan, friend, or family member reading this…thanks! :))

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