August and Everything After

Noticed yesterday that my Amazon KDP exclusivity period ends August 30th.  Since I got caught sleeping, you win!

The Kindle edition of Timely Persuasion is once again free on Amazon from 8/27-8/30.  Last chance (maybe…) to get the greatest rock and roll time travel novel of all time for the low low price of $0.

Timely Persuasion -Kindle eBook – FREE until August 30th 2012! 

That covers “August” in the title of this post, but what about the “everything after” part?

No, it’s not just a clever Counting Crows reference.

Yes, I hope to have something new in the relatively near future.  Nothing fully baked, but a preview of things to come.

Stay tuned…

Year Zero

Recently finished reading Year Zero by Rob Reid and mostly dug it.  Learned about the book via this headline on the All Songs Considered Blog:

Aliens Have Landed, Hoping To License All Of Humanity’s Music

Gets a little wacky and a little campy at times, but overall it’s a heck of a fun ride.  I especially liked the hidden musical tourette’s scattered throughout ala Timely Persuasion.  (Less frequent, but I’ll admit sometimes less forced…)  And the epilogue is just plain brilliant.

Check out the trailer below.